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Practice Areas

Firth Accounting & Tax Services Information

Tax Preparation

Clients will be assisted to file their individual and business income tax returns.  A one-on-one meeting will be set up to review financial records and complete the necessary tax forms in a timely manner.  Preliminary tax appointments are available.

Payroll & Payroll Taxes

Employees' payroll and tax deposits along with the required tax forms are provided and completed for each client in a timely manner.


On-line banking and e-file of tax payments are available to clients as well.  Employees' paychecks can be direct deposited and pay stubs can be emailed directly to the employee.

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Services & Support

Firth Accounting & Tax Services will manage your business with QuickBooks and the high-quality support and updates from QuickBooks Support.


Clients will have a clear understanding of what information is needed and what information will be provided to them.  QuickBooks training and support by Firth Tax & Accounting Services is available.  Reports will be explained and provided to the client.


Firth Accounting & Tax Services uses QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online to manage all of your financial needs.  Bank reconciliation and financial statements are completed on a monthly basis.  Documentation is sorted, organized, and retained in a systematic way.

General Ledger

General ledger is the record-keeping system for a business client's financial data.  Transaction reviews will be completed before financial data will be presented to the client.

Financial Reporting

Financial data will be collected and reviewed for accuracy for financial statement preparation.  Firth Accounting & Tax Services is here to provide business clients with accurate financial data to make informed decisions about their financial performance.

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